- Do you sell wholesale?

Yes I sell my patterns and kits to stores, please contact me for more information.


- May I sell the toys that I make from your patterns?

If you have bought a DIY Fluffies pattern, you may sell the ones you make yourself. You have to mention "made with a DIY Fluffies pattern" on the label and if you sell it on your website then menion it on your website to.
Do not use my photos to sell your work. You are also NOT allowed to copy, reproduce, alter, publish or distribute the pattern in any way, including as part of your own designs.
Are you a company that want to have one of my designs produced, then please contact me for more information.
If you let me know when and where your are going to sell the toys I might even be able to steer some business your way through facebook.


- Where can I buy your pattern and or kits?

Please check my shop section on this website for a list of shops that sell DIY Fluffies toy patterns and or kits.


- I can't sew or crochet, can you make a toy for me?

I don't have the time to make all the toys myself, I have some available in my etsy and dawanda shop. You can also check Shanalogic (USA) , she also sells some of my designs.

- I have another question!

Please use the contact form to contact me