How to Applique + free heart applique template

Applique is a great way to make your plushie look very proffesional. You can use it on any of my patterns. In combination with minky fabrics you plushie will look like it has come right out of a store!

Download the tutorial and free heart template here:


how to applique


how to applique tutorial

heart template:

heart applique

How to turn and stuff small parts..

It can be quit difficult to turn small parts like arms, legs and tail. When you use a chopstick for this, it will become much easier. You need to push the part over the chopstick like on the illustration below. To stuff small part a chopstick also helps alot. Take small bits off stuffing and push it in with a chopstick.

You can also check my videotutorial on youtube:


Closing turning gaps

Use the ladder stitch to close a hole in your sewed toy. This stitch is almost invisible when finished. You can see how the stitch is done in the illustration below. I will be adding a video soon.


How to Video:

Would you like to see how to sew a hippo or monkey from my book Sew Cute to Cuddle?

Go to the Craft Daily website and buy the video.