YouTube Amigurumi

On my DIY Fluffies YouTube channel you can find several free Amigurumi crochet tutorials.
There are all very suitable for beginner crocheters, I explain every step in detail.
They are all small projects, you will have completed them within a few hours.
These toys are great party favours.
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Cat Keychain Amigurumi video tutorial:
This is my most popular video, this toy can be crocheted quickly and is easy to make.

Pig Amigurumi keychain video tutorial.
This cute pig is another easy and fast beginners project.

Mimi the Bunny Amigurumi video tutorial:
Cute bunny to crochet yourself, isn’t she cute? I allready had to create many for my nieces.

Reindeer Amigurumi video tutorial:
Cute decoration for your christmas tree! This video has two parts, one for the deer and one video for the candy stick. You can put other toys on the candy stick from my other videos, for example mimi the bunny.

Axl the Fox Amigurumi video tutorial:
Another very cute toy to crochet, my last name Vos means fox in dutch 🙂
I love making these small amigurumi, they are so fast to make.

Coco the Cat Amigurumi video tutorial:
I love cats, they are so cute and funny! My cat is name is Mr. Grumpy, this name fits him very well. He is a very cute and sweet cat, but has his grumpy moments. This is Coco the Cat, a cute toy to crochet.

Baby Chicken Amigurumi toy video tutorial:
Another cute and easy to make amigurumi, perfect for beginners and fun for the experienced crocheter as well. You can use any yarn for my crochet patterns.

Pip the Bird Amigurumi video tutorial:
Have fun making this cute little bird, he looks awesome in any color.

Kobi the Koala Amigurumi video tutorial.
Small but so much fun to make, Kobi the koala.

If you want to crochet a bigger amigurumi, you could try one of my free amigurumi patterns or check out the shop section for many Amigurumi toy crochet patterns.