May I sell the toys that I have made from your patterns?

Only if you make the toys yourself and you mention that you used a DIY Fluffies on the label/website and on social media when showing the toy you made. You may not use my photo’s when selling them. Please make a photo of the toy you created yourself. Quantities up to a two hundred a year are allowed.
You may not share or sell the crochet pattern.

I can not download the pattern from etsy, how do I download the pattern?

Your digital downloadable patterns have been sent to your email. If you have not received the email with the links (click on pdf names to download them from the email) You can also download them from your purchases in your etsy account. But you have to login through a browser (firefox, safari etc) because you can not download the patterns from the app. If this does not work, please sent me an email through etsy.

Can I order a ready made toy?

No sorry I do not make the animals myself anymore after I made the first one to create the pattern.
If you want to learn to make them yourself check my basic techniques on my website.

Do you make custom patterns?

I do not make custom patterns.

May I translate and share your free amigurumi patterns?

Sharing and translating my patterns if not allowed.

Can I be a translator or tester of you patterns?

Contact me if you want to be a translator or tester for the DIY Fluffies patterns.
Tell me a bit about yourself in the email, did you test/translate before, what is your native language?

Boo the Yeti Monster, pattern available on etsy