cute koala crochet pattern

Crochet two legs together

This cute koala pattern is my most popular pattern, to help you to crochet the two legs together I have created a video to help you on your way. The pattern is available in my shops.
I have created many other Amigurumi toy patterns with the same kind of legs, these tutorial will be helpful for all these patterns, which can all be found in my shops.
If you need more help, or have any other questions me, just contact me throught the contact form on this website.

I also have a video on how to surface crochet the borders on this koala.

Crochet Legs together Amigurumi - English
How to crochet two legs together

If your are new to crochet, please check my basic stitches tutorial on how to learn to crochet and make Amigurumi toys. I also have many video’s on youtube for beginner crocheters, a lot off small amigurumi tutorials. The small amigurumi video’s are a great way to learn how to create your own toy.

Not sure about the materials you need? Please check my crochet materials post, which will tell you what you need to make your own cute toys.