free bear sewing pattern

Free Bear sewing pattern

Sew a cute bear with this free easy sewing pattern, great for beginners to learn how to sew a stuffed animal!

Materials you need to make this bear:

Orange cotton fabric: 45 x 30cm (18 x 20in)
Black felt for eyes and nose: 10 x 5cm (4 x 2in)
Fiber Filling
Sewing machine or sewing needle

Draw the Cotton pattern pieces on the backside of the fabric, then cut them out with 1 cm / 0.4 inch seam allowance. The pattern is without seam allowance, add the seam allowance after you draw the pattern on the fabric. The seam allowance doesn’t have to be very precise. Use the drawn pattern lines as your guideline. When pinning two layers of fabric together stick the pin through the pattern lines, so you know that they are on top of eachother.

Some pieces need to be cut out twice or more, once normal and once mirrored. Please check the illustration for which pieces this needs to be done.
Cut out the eye and nose parts without seam allowance.
Draw the pattern pieces on the cotton fabric with a 4B or 6B pencil, you do not need a special fabric pencil. You won’t see the pencil through the fabric. When you are using fleece, you can use a marker like sharpies on the fabric, pick a color that is close to the fabric.

bear sewing pattern

2. Referring to the markings on the pattern piece, pin, then sew the eyes onto the front of the body
(cut the eyes out of the paper pattern to make the placing easier).

3. Pair up the two body pieces with right sides facing. Pin and sew together but leave an opening between the legs.

bear sewing pattern

4. Trim the seam allowances and turn the body right side out and stuff with toy filling.
Cut some small darts in the corners before turning the body right side out.

5. Put Fiber Filling in the bear.

6. Close the hole with a ladder stitch.

bear sewing pattern

7. Take the tail piece and hand sew a line of large running (gathering) stitches around the edge. Put a little bit of toy filling in the middle and pull up the thread to create the tail, securing the thread with a knot. Ladder stitch the tail onto the back of the body.

bear sewing pattern

Now your bear is done!

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free bear sewing pattern