How to crochet with fluffy hairy yarn

How to crochet with fluffy yarn

Learn how to crochet with fluffy yarn. Fluffy yarn looks really great on amigurumi, it can give your amigurumi a very cuddly cute look. There are so many kinds of hairy / fluffy yarn available.

But it can be difficult to crochet with, it is almost impossible to use for beginners, because it is difficult to see what your are crocheting.

To help you work with this kind of hairy yarn I have made a video on how to crochet with fluffy yarn. It will give you a lot of tips on how to crochet an Amigurumi with fluffy yarn.

After I made this video someone give me the tip to make the yarn wet while crocheting. This seems like a great idea to use together with the tips in my video, but I haven’t tried it yet myself. I will certainly try with my next hairy yarn project!

How to crochet Amigurumi with fluffy fur yarn
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If your are new to crochet, please check my basic stitches tutorial on how to learn to crochet and make Amigurumi toys.

I also have many video’s on youtube for beginner crocheters, a lot off small amigurumi tutorials. The small amigurumi video’s are a great way to learn how to create your own toy.

Not sure about the materials you need? Please check my crochet materials post, which will tell you what you need to make your own cute toys.

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